Jakey The Parrot

Jakey The Parrot

Jakey in his cage.

Jakey is our very own parrot who keeps an eye on everything that happens in the pub. He is a green, ringnecked parakeet who moved to old kilpatrick in May 2009. He is interested in aviation and learning new languages. He also keeps everyone informed with the latest happenings at the Lusset from his very own Facebook page.

Jakey is still very young so please come in and have a wee chat with him as he is trying to learn to talk. Jakey loves talking to everyone, but he especially likes kids. He’s making great progress with his language skills and so much so he’s now on Twitter.

You can pick up a Jakey colouring-in poster when you’re down at the Lusset for the kids to colour-in. When it’s all coloured-in we’ll stick them up on the wall for all to see.

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